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Englisch lernen mit den Germein Sisters

Am 29. Oktober besuchten uns dank die Germein Sisters aus Australien. Gemeinsam mit ihnen verbrachten die Schülerinnen und Schüler der 5./6. Klassen eine spannende Englischstunde.

Die Germein Sisters findet man unter

Hier zunächst ein paar Bilder:

Students comments on the Germein Sisters

It was very cool!

It was perfect.

It was funny.

“Why did you start with singing?” - “Because we started early to play an instrument and we love singing.”

It was awesome!

I like this band.

“Are you homesick?” –  “Not really! My sisters are with me.”

“What are your favourite animals?” – “Ma favourite animals are cats and dogs. And Georgias are kangaroos!”

It was very very good!

“Can you play with a boomerang?” – “ Yes but just a little bit.”

The English students thoughts about the Germein Sisters:

They have five dogs, one cat and five kangaroos. We liked the music of the Germein sisters. We didn’t like it so much because Ella didn’t come. (Yanis, Elion, Jeremy)

Georgia is 23 and Clara is 25. They listen Avicii and Adeles songs. They have covers and sung own song for where. (Xenia, Anesa, Alice)

We like the competition to the song Da Da Doo.(Stefanie, Amanda, Naemi)

They have autogramm. Five little Kangooro Babys. I like this song. (Edi, Kim, Luca)

In the interview we ware question. Ella didn’t come, we were sad. We have ask German words. Georgia is 23 years old, Clara 25. She can sing bautiful. (Jenni, Alma, Nawal)

I like the Germein Sister. They are cool and they are not like a film stars. I hope that the Geremin Sister has a good time in Switzerland. (Katharina, Arudhi, Sophia)

The Germein Sisters have my and my friend good favour. It was a shame the Ella not here was still was it good. (Anastazija, Sabrina)

The Germein Sister are so great. They are a perfekt band and good sisters. The questions are wery good and i now why Ella not her eis. Shea doptet Kangaroo Babys becos the mothers are death. (Rinor, Salvatore)

Something that suprised me is, that the Germein Sisters came to our school (and i never knew that that band existed). It’s pretty rare that a band come to schools. Everything was good. They played the instruments realy well. (Sebastian)